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Based in Los Angeles since 1988, Helga has been painting primarily in watercolors for fifteen years.


Growing up in a picturesque town in the Tyrolean Alps, she studied graphic design in Innsbruck / Austria, and spent several years working in advertising and as a freelance artist.

The watercolor medium has always been her true passion.

Helga is fascinated by its translucency and loves the way it can capture light. It never fails to provide new challenges and surprises. A flowing wash and mixing pigment on paper is an incredibly exiting, therapeutic and relaxing experience. She is always striving to paint lighter and looser.

Helga's work is defined by vibrant, bold colors and strong values. She is a sensitive observer of nature, unique shapes, forms, light, and is inspired by subjects from her daily life.

Helga's watercolor education includes studying at Brentwood Art Center, with a great group of like- minded watercolor enthusiasts, in addition to attending plein air workshops with nationally acclaimed artists.

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